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Muzeul mănăstirii

The building which hosts the museum was built in 1846 by the abbot Paisie. It is 45 m in length and at the beginning it was a guest house. Between 1871 – 1883 this building was used by the Romanian Royal Family to supervise the workings made at the Peleș Castle.

The museum was open in 1895, the year of the 200th anniversary of the old church. Open under the supervision of the abbot Nifon, it was the first Romanian religious museum, also visited nowadays. The museum exhibits precious items, among them: the Bible printed at Bucharest in 1688, three icons made by the famous Romanian painter Pârvu Mutu (1693), altar crosses dating to XVI-XIX th centuries, the first books of religious music printed in Romanian language.

The great Romanian historian Nicolae Iorga wrote about the icon ,,Saint Trinity” painted by Pârvu Mutu : A great painter worked here ant it is necessary that his work, accurately reproduced, to be found in every Romanian house.

The embroideries made by Anna Roth were exhibited at the universal exhibitions organized at the end of the XIXth c, including the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900. Anna Roth won a gold medal for these embroideries.

,,Saint Trinity” Church

It was built between 1842-1846 by the abbots Ioasaf and Paisie and rebuilt between 1897- 1903.
The actual painting was made by the Danish artist Aage Exner and the chandeliers are made at Vienna. The furniture is made of gold plated sycamore wood in the nave and oak wood in the narthex. The chairs used by the Romanian Royal Family are also exhibited in the nave.

In the narthex are depicted 5 persons: Mitropolit Primat Iosif Gheorghian, (1886 -1893, 1896-1909), the first King of Romania, Carol the Ist (1866 -1914) standing near a breaked stone column which symbolizes the kingdom of Romania (without Transylvania, Banat and Bukovina); on the other side of the main door is depicted Carol’s wife, Queen Elisabeth (artist and writer known under pen-name Carmen Sylva) with their unique child, princess Maria who died at the age of 4. The last person depicted is Mihail Cantacuzino, the builder of the old wing of the monastery.
The two Russian icons depicting ,,Saint Sergei’’ and ,,Saint Nicholas’’, painted at Moscow, have been received in 1903 by the abbot Nifon at the Christening of the King Ferdinand’ son, prince Nicolae, from the tsar Nicholas the IInd.